An Angel Taught Me How To Pray

To ramble on in prayer, unburdening your heart, is permissible, but not ideal.  It is not focused and it is less effective.

The proper method is to consider deeply, looking into your heart, and to find one single sentence that exactly expresses your request.  You may find you do this by becoming very still.  At such a time a well-framed request may pop into your mind.

An Angel Taught Me How To Pray – download this post as a flier (pdf)

The prayer that you frame should be literally correct and relevant.  It should be correct and accurate to the letter.  This is not a time for irony or to presume that whoever answers your prayer will develop a deep understanding of your context or your emotional nature.  Consider that your words themselves become thoughts and those thoughts have power.  Also consider that a prayer, a wish, is permission to do something in your life, and in God’s name pray wisely.

This one sentence can beneficially be repeated.

You may also focus on a single thought unwaveringly.  It need not be verbal.

It is not necessary in the slightest to address the prayer to God.  (In the opinion which I am reporting faithfully.)  There is no true difference between a prayer and a wish.  Therefore it is essential to guard your thoughts and to husband good intentions for your fellow man.

The feeling that you pray from is also vitally important.  It is vital that you pray from an intention of kindness, of love.  This “tunes” the prayer to the emotional nature of those who will answer it.  To generate gratitude before explicitly framing your prayer, in proper anticipation that the request be granted, is advantageous.  To make such specific, focused, fulfillable requests in due faith, wisdom and loving kindness is a great benefit to oneself and to mankind.  Pray do so.

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