Karma Yoga — The Way of Work (part of the 4 Yogas of Hinduism series!)

English: Mother Theresa with Dr. S. Brahmochary

Mother Teresa with Dr. S. Brahmochary

(4 Yogas Main) Karma Yoga — The Way of Work — is for the active type of person. There are two modes.  wp.me/p2ukOd-5S

A. emotional mode. Work with no attachment to success, focused on one’s duty to the community.

B. reflective mode. Witnessing of self, focused on duty with no notion of profit.

In either mode, the essential ingredient is selfless devotion to service.

In modernity, the one person most known for selfless devotion to service is undoubtedly Mother Teresa.  She was already a nun, traveling to her new home convent in Calcutta, when she got what she described as “the Call within the Call,” to serve the needs of the poor and hungry.  She explained that this was a command from heaven.

Mother Teresa will probably become acknowledged by the Roman Catholic church as a saint.  The Pope has declared that Mother Teresa has gone to Heaven and can be directly prayed to for help.  Currently only one miracle is attributed to her.  When she gets another, this will unlock the “Sainthood” hidden level in the Roman Catholic video game, run by Papal decree.  (One miracle just isn’t enough.)

Leave it to the Catholics to have a bureaucratic process to achieve sainthood.

Not everyone who orients themselves to divine service — to serve God by serving mankind — will be acknowledged as a saint.  But acknowledgement is not the point.  The purpose of karma yoga is to make oneself totally about service — to serve without consideration of profit for oneself, to serve without consideration of oneself as a person.  To become selfless.

Mother Teresa recorded in her diaries that she struggled with her faith.  She had trouble believing without doubt.  Paul says that works without faith is dead; James that faith without deeds is nothing.  Whether a person has untroubled faith, or struggles to believe, to serve mankind selflessly is undoubtedly pleasing to the Divine.

Remember, this is about reality.  By doing good deeds, besides the effect on your own state of mind, you do objective good to other people.  And this is very good.


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