Here at TiltedCandle, I use my understanding of modern hypnotism to unpack ancient spiritual practices and identify common elements in different ancient techniques.

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Series on the 4 Yogas of Hinduism.  These are the four broad categories of the types of practice that lead to spiritual attainment.

The 4 Yogas are a great organizational scheme for considering patterns of practice in spiritual development.  Even if you’re not a Hindu, it’s well worth knowing this organizational scheme.

Series on the 7 Sets of Buddhism.  This said to be the surviving teaching that is closest to what the Buddha actually taught.

The 7 Sets are deeply well organized — so well organized that people usually treat the Buddha as if he were a philosopher.  Therefore they unpack Buddhism by studying the scholarly histories of the terms he used, and so on.

But in fact, the 7 Sets shows that Buddhism is a highly applied set of mental procedures.  They’re weird, in comparison to ordinary everyday thinking.  But there is nothing complex or even philosophical about them.  This series begins to unpack the 7 Sets from such a practical point of view.

The Diamond Sutra is probably the most important text in Buddhism, at least equal in significance to the Heart Sutra and the Lotus Sutra.

But the Diamond Sutra is very difficult to understand! — One reason is that the text we have seems to be composed of many recountings of the original event.  These recountings were stitched together, end to end.  Any markers separating one recounting from another have been lost.

Therefore, in the original text, the Buddha presents his sermon, and then seems to back up and present it again.  But the second time, he follows a slightly different train of thought.

The result is a strangely rambling text.  I have gone through, decomposed the text into what I figure are the original recountings, and then woven them back together into one text.  The result is The Diamond Sutra – Short Version,which presents the train of thinking more clearly.

Those are the basics! — To explore the rest of TiltedCandle, check out the tags, categories and archives on the sidebar!


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