TiltedCandle is written by a man who hobos around North America with his laptop.

I have my B.A. in philosophy of science.  I studied the scientific method.  I’m certified to practice hypnotherapy, and I have my CELTA, which is a certification to teach English as a second language.  I did that in Cambodia for awhile.

I’m currently in:  Hartford, CT

Feel free to contact me with:

  • A specific question
  • A topic idea or request
  • An offer to contribute art
  • An offer to contribute writing (*note — this is experimental)
  • A request that I write a review of your material
  • A suggestion of a good online forum for discussion of spirituality — I’m looking for a good one to join

Please don’t contact me with:

  • Politics
  • The idea that those of us who don’t belong to your social club are going to hell
  • Anything weird or creepy

I respond to all emails, but there are times when it takes a while.


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TiltedCandle posts are in the public domain.

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