Adoration, a love song to God

'Adoration of the Magi' - Murthly Hours

Adoration is a love song to God, writ and sung by Erin Zintdle of the Ragbirds.  A beautiful song.

From the lyrics:

I want to come to your house God
And climb inside your window…

It is the immediacy of God, the felt sense of God as a person, that is so touching here.  It seems I’m not the only person who finds this song touching.  It got into one blogger‘s head, and she posted a list of things she wanted to do with God.  Among them was, “eat macaroni…”

The song is off the album “Yes Nearby.”  The band bio explains:

Zindle and Moore began their relationship busking on the streets of Ann Arbor with Celtic and gypsy fiddling over tricky beats of tambourine, Middle-Eastern doumbek and tabla. In 2005 the duo gathered three band mates and began to record Erin’s original songs. This recording was released a few months later as The Ragbirds debut album “Yes Nearby”.

The Ragbirds

The Ragbirds (Photo credit: GarnetJ)

…which regretfully says little enough about the thoughts and life experience that lead up to the song.

Listen free online.  There’s not an mp3 you can download for free, but you can listen for free.



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