Blogging Tips To Write The Best Spirituality Blogs

Looking over spirituality blogs to see how it’s done, I find that many of the blogs with the best content have the worst organization.  Since I understand well how to organize a blog, I’m writing this post for the benefit of the online spiritual community.

You might think that good organization comes second to good content, but ask:  What good is great content if people can’t find it?

Spiritual blogs have three types of problems.  They are problems in the writing, problems in the organization of the articles, and problems in the layouts.  The content is great.  Spiritual bloggers are spiritual people.

The writing problems I’m seeing are not problems in writing — they are problems in not writing.

Think about how you read things on the internet.  You skim.  Everyone skims on the internet.  You skim because you are not certain that the information is what you’re looking for, and you want to weed through what is irrelevant to get to what is relevant. More



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